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A+D LookUp is a digital library for architects and commercial interior designers searching manufacturers and their local sales representatives. With over 280 plus categories of interior products, our designers utilize A+D Lookup as their "go to" search engine to find flooring, furniture, light fixtures, feature walls, textiles and much more.

Designers on average save 5-15 minutes when searching for a sales rep.

Keep your sales quotes and conversations in "Notes" and share with your peers

Use email blasts to find a product's manufacturer.

Share between offices.

Don't get frustrated trying to keep you database of contacts, leverage the power of A+D Lookup.

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Pam's Book Recommendation

Fiona does an amazing job of making you wish you lived in the 1950s in New York City. This book was rich with the description of the times and New York as a very interesting character in the book. The Barbizon Hotel still has some of the ladies that lived there when it was a hotel for women. It is now a revamped condo. I personally can't wait to visit NY and see this beautiful building.


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