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What is A+D Lookup?

A+D LookUp is a cloud based manufacturer sales rep contact management database. Our purpose is to "Bridge the gap between Designers & Manufacturers" by providing a quick and easy search utility. If you're trying to find a product rep, rep firm or dealer of a particular product, simply enter the piece of information you do have to find the rest. Sales reps change daily and so does our website. We update 3-5 sales reps contact information daily. Searching for your rep has never been easier.

Working more efficiently

Designers on average save 5-15 minutes per search when searching for a new sales rep. Imagine the savings! And how often do you find a product picture that you love but can't find the company or the sales rep. Designers currently using our utility simply add a picture to a pre-filled email of all the sales reps in a particular product category, click send and wait for an answer. Most get an answer with in a hour! And after finding the details when searching, add the content to our notes section and you and your company peers will have continuous access to your information. Simply put, we make it easy.

What's inside?

The information you need is all here when you need it. Access your design library 24/7 and save time doing your research with A+D LookUp. See what A+D LookUp is about and find out how using our on-line A+D search site can help you to do your work more efficiently. In a time when budgets are tight and workloads are high. Why not consider learning how A+D LookUp can help you reduce search times and accomplish more in your day?

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