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A+D Lookup is...

A+D LookUp is a digital library for architects and commercial interior designers searching manufacturers and their local sales representatives. With over 280 plus categories of interior products, our designers utilize A+D Lookup as their "go to" search engine to find flooring, furniture, light fixtures, feature walls, textiles and much more.

Designers on average save 5-15 minutes when searching for a sales rep.

Keep your sales quotes and conversations in "Notes" and share with your peers

Use email blasts to find a product's manufacturer.

Share between offices.

Don't get frustrated trying to keep you database of contacts, leverage the power of A+D Lookup.

To request information, click here.

Pam's Book Recommendation

Thank you David Simpson for the book recommendation. Take Charge3 of Your Brand by Gisselle Nunez. Nice to have a refresher course that you are nothing if not your brand. We all have a brand, even if we don’t work to develop one. Brand= what people say about you when you leave the room. Enough said!


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