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You Collect It - We Protect It. For more than 40 years, Patterson Pope has been trusted to provide Museum Storage at large and small institutions. P2 offers a complete suite of Museum Storage Solutions. Email Gene

Unika Vaev Lina Wall Mosaic

A series of sound absorbing cylindrical wall tiles created by Bryndis Bolladottir. Available in 18 colors of icelandic wool. Easily installed on a wall providing maximum sound absorption. Contact Russell or Teresa:

Karen Clegg: What's important for you The Customer

Vertical Factory owned and controlled by us. Marine Grade only: will survive in any weather - triple powder coated frames / drainage in frame / specialist fabrics / vented cushions (moisture release). 5yr warranty. 7,000 SKUs. Hospitality only.

Little Perillo XS

This chic, multipurpose chair with a unique personality now has a little brother. Meet the Little Perillo XS. Available in side, swivel and barstool versions. Contact

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Customized Research Request

Many of our clients source out special product research projects like lighting, flooring and more rather than using their designers. ADL Workshop Inc. has the research capability and experience to meet your needs. Our resource librarian has completed 100 plus projects over the last 20 years. If you would like a quote on a research project, please complete the attached form to request a quote.

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