BuzziSpace Acoustical Solutions

A comfy escape with a twist, pulling you out of a stressful moment. Our array of acoustic furniture can accommodate any of your requirements and help you prevent noise traveling from one end of the space to the other.


Table tops include, composite, laminate, 3D laminate, high pressure laminate, wood edge laminate and more. Every tabletop we make is custom-made to fit your room, your residents needs and your requirements. Contact Karen @

Dauphin Phone Cube

Dauphin Phone Cubes bring attractive free-standing enclosures to open offices where acoustic and visual privacy are required for individuals or groups. Installed directly over an existing floor. Contact Karen @

Hi5 Furniture - Supreme Tables

The Supreme tables are the most economical solution countless applications and has a classic style with a gamut of additional features to facilitate the special needs of your project. Contact Dawn at

Request for Information - Sheet rock

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