Unika Vaev Ecoustic Sculpt Peak

Inspired by sculptural forms synonymous with architect Santiago Calatrava. A collection of triangular blades that comes in 10 profiles that transition between each end of the tile creating visual movement via shape & shadow. www.purserandpartners.com

Karen Clegg: What's important for you The Customer

Vertical Factory owned and controlled by us. Marine Grade only: will survive in any weather - triple powder coated frames / drainage in frame / specialist fabrics / vented cushions (moisture release). 5yr warranty. 7,000 SKUs. Hospitality only.

Patterson Pope - Art Storage

You Collect It - We Protect It. For more than 40 years, Patterson Pope has been trusted to provide Museum Storage at large and small institutions. P2 offers a complete suite of Museum Storage Solutions. Email Gene Greilley@pattersonpope.com

9to5 Seating

Lilly Seating is ideal for collaboration, lounge & touchdown workspaces with a classic and sophisticated design. Comfortable with roomy back and versatile with four base options. Lightweight for easy mobility Email Bryan bryan@secontract.com

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