Unika Vaev

Calibre. A stunning classic wool texture with a mid century vibe. Available in 37 colorways ranging from rich saturated colors to cool and warm neutrals as well as stunning pastels. Contact Russell Purser at www.purserandpartners.com.

Modern Forms Lighting

Memory - Using an intricate welding process, artisans smooth out the transitional seams of this Bauhaus-inspired design, giving it a clean look overall, then coating it with an enduring black finish. For details, Karen@karenclegg.com / 404-456-4793


Scala Floor Screens. Compressed felt fabric on a molded sound absorbing polyester core. 6 standard colors that are 100% recyclable. 53 additional colors of Blazer wool felt available. Contact Russell Purser at www.purserandpartners.com.

ICF Bower Collection

Inspired by the rambling-style nest created by the bowerbird of Goodrum?s native Australia. Open, organic and gentle, this collection of work pods, lounge chairs & adjustable screens bring a natural & calm esthetic. Pandpinc@mindspring.com

FAQ - Search Function

Most common mistakes when searching:

  1. If you are searching for a manufacturer, type name in the "Company Name" field, you must also select "all" in the Market field.
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Key Features of A&D Lookup:

  1. Search availability - currently Atlanta & Tampa Markets - (Birmingham and Nashville to launch in the next quarter)
  2. Search function - use one piece of information to ultimately find your manufacturer, contact or product.
  3. Search / Email - click on all or selected contacts from your search results and send an aggregate email. Email is pre-populated with email addresses from the contacts you selected.
  4. Notes text box: input notes from conversations, specs, ideas in the notes section for each contact. There's a notes section for manufacturers as well.
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