Nienkamper Gateway Height Adjustable Table

Expanding the Gateway Collection with battery operated height adjustable tables. Seamlessly change your working position from sitting to standing at the push of a button. 2018 Best of Neocon Silver Award. Contact Russell Purser at Purser & Partners

Design Smart Collection Color Washed SPC

The watercolor effect of moving from light to dark color is translated into our newest hard surface product, Color Washed. Each color reveals the beauty of color gradation across several tiles. Contact

Aceray Offers

Design professionals with unique contemporary seating designs, Aceray's strength lies in uncovering hidden talent from around the world. For details, contact Kitty at

Cumberland Furniture offers FAÇADE MEETING TABLES

The monolithic form of the Facade Table changes character with precision-cut patterned metal or woodbase with a choice of top materials & finishes. Add power, lighting, storage trays & privacy screen to suit the function to the need in any situation.

FAQ - Search Function

Most common mistakes when searching:

  1. If you are searching for a manufacturer, type name in the "Company Name" field, you must also select "all" in the Market field.
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Key Features of A&D Lookup:

  1. Search availability - currently Atlanta & Tampa Markets - (Birmingham and Nashville to launch in the next quarter)
  2. Search function - use one piece of information to ultimately find your manufacturer, contact or product.
  3. Search / Email - click on all or selected contacts from your search results and send an aggregate email. Email is pre-populated with email addresses from the contacts you selected.
  4. Notes text box: input notes from conversations, specs, ideas in the notes section for each contact. There's a notes section for manufacturers as well.
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