Room B - Eco Chair

The environmentally friendly Eco series features a sound dampening sculpted seat shell made from recycled PET bottles. The shell & base available in a variety of colors allowing customization for any interior. Email

Hi5 Furniture - Union Casters

Union tables with casters span up to 10' long with only two bases. All tables are available in occasional 18" height, seated 29" height, 36" cafe height and 42" bar height. Heavy duty with 2" thick table top & bases.

Florida Tile made in USA

Florida Tile is proud to be a domestic manufacturer of high quality porcelain & ceramic floor and wall tile. The vast majority of our products are made in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky. Email


Redefining Metal - Set a new standard for luxury interiors with Metal Art, an innovative collection of 40 metallic surfaces from LaminArt. Contact Tara Harris for more information. Web Link:

FAQ - Search Function

How often is A&DLookUp updated?

Approximately 3-5 updates take place everyday. Each day we check for email updates from our network that alerts us to any changes that occur in the workplace. Once an update is received the information is vetted and the necessary changes are updated. The Search page has a "SUPPORT" link located in the upper right side of the menu bar that links you directly to our support where your questions or alerts can be handled.

Passwords & Usernames: Can everyone within my firm be issued a unique Username and password?

A firm can issue one user name and password for the entire firm or if the firm chooses to have a Firm Administrator (FA)within their organization. The FA can manage the issuing of the usernames and passwords, then each member of the firm can be given a unique username and password.

Using A&D Lookup saves your firm time & money.

If your firm is using designers to maintain your rep contact database or if your designers are spending time trying to find reps, you maybe losing money.

- Save $1,000 per year. On average designers spend 15 minutes trying to find the correct rep contact information. If your designers search 50 times a year averaging 15 minutes, your total wasted time is 750 minutes or 12.5 hours. At $85 an hour, you would save $1,062.50 less the cost of our service.