Integra's Tide Healthcare Collection

Includes wall saver, cleanout, and all sizes are rated at 2000lbs for bariatric needs. Tide comes in mid, high, and patient back heights, five widths and our Lifetime Warranty. Colin @


Table tops include, composite, laminate, 3D laminate, high pressure laminate, wood edge laminate and more. Every tabletop we make is custom-made to fit your room, your residents needs and your requirements. Contact Karen @

Patterson Pope - Mailroom Furniture

Unfortunately, emails are nowhere near replacing traditional mail & companies still need effective ways to organize mail & packages. Patterson Pope has been helping companies with their mail storage for decades. Email Gene

BuzziSpace Acoustical Solutions

A comfy escape with a twist, pulling you out of a stressful moment. Our array of acoustic furniture can accommodate any of your requirements and help you prevent noise traveling from one end of the space to the other.

About Us

A+D LookUp is a digital library of manufactured commercial product for architects and interior commercial designers. With over 280 plus categories of interior products, our designers utilize A+D Lookup as their "go to" search engine to find flooring, furniture, textiles and much more. We've included product sales rep contact information making it easier to reach your local reps.

Designers on average save 5-15 minutes per search when searching for a new sales rep. Imagine the savings! And how often do you find a product picture that you love but can't find the company or the sales rep. Designers currently using our utility simply add a picture to a pre-filled email of all the sales reps in a particular product category, click send and wait for an answer. Most get an answer with in a hour! And after finding the details when searching, add the content to our notes section and you and your company peers will have continuous access to your information. Simply put, we make it easy.

The information you need is all here when you need it. Access your design library 24/7 and save time doing your research with A+D LookUp. See what A+D LookUp is about and find out how using our on-line A+D search site can help you to do your work more efficiently. In a time when budgets are tight and workloads are high. Why not consider learning how A+D LookUp can help you reduce search times and accomplish more in your day?

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